10 False Reasons you should NEVER talk to Ghosts, busted!

#1.  They are NOT real Jack...and that is THAT.

It may be common that many people act like this is true and many discourage you from even considering the possibility...but aren't you curious at all??...really?? How many stories have you heard that, even though ghosts are not real, people have sworn they were visited by a loved one who has past.

#2. Ghosts don't have mouths and don't talk back.

What if communication with the spirit world has many different variations and that very few of them include words?  The first language for us all is the language of energy, what if that is how you communicate with ghosts.

#3.  Only Mediums can do that...and YOU are NOT a medium.

What if we ALL have the ability to communicate with the spirit world? What if we are doing it all the time, all day long and we are just refusing to acknowledge we are? What if that ability can be built like a muscle over time?

#4.  You can keep up the facade that you don't hear voices in your head.

Ya..I get it, IF you admit you are hearing voices you would be deemed crazy by this reality. What if those voices you hear are not your creation of crazy but literally you hearing ghosts and entities around you? What if it is just like over hearing the voices in a crowd you are standing in?

#5.  People, friends and family especially, will think YOU are WEIRD.

Did you know that the original definition of weird was of fate, spirit and destiny. Now that doesn't seem like such a bad thing to be known as...does it?

#6.  Because if YOU talk to them they may talk to YOU.

Many people think that to choose to communicate with ghosts will invite them in and that would very bad and wrong. What if you could become the invitation for a different possibility of communication for us and the spirit world? Would it be so bad to communicate if you had steps to do it that were practical and easy..and it created MORE for all of us??

#7.  You would be in danger of losing control of yourself and your body.

What if communicating with the spirit world would cultivate a level of trust for yourself greater than anything you have thought possible? What if you have talents, abilities and capacities with communication that are just waiting for you to discover they are there?

#8.  As long as You don't see them...they won't see you.

What if ignorance is NOT bliss? What if choosing to be totally aware is one of the most EMPOWERING things you can do for yourself?

#9.  Interacting with ghosts can make you MORE crazy.

Did you know that when you are aware of something, say a ghost, and you are not willing be aware you can twist that awareness into something that feels awful like a horrible mood/depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea etc? All it takes to shift these things is being willing to acknowledge what you are aware of and POOF...gone

#10.  You may just freeze from terror and have to change your underwear.

Well friends this is the MOST common reason we choose to deny our ability to communicate with ghosts. They are creepy, scary and wrong and you would be wrong for doing it. You might just die of fright..at least Hollywood would like you to believe that. Except, is that really true, are you really scared or are you excited? It is just a choice.

Cara Wright
Access Consciousness CF

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