3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to be Scared of Ghosts

Are you scared of ghosts? Here are three reasons why you don’t have to be afraid of what you know about ghosts:

1. One day you will be a ghost too. Do you want people to think about you the way you think about ghosts now?

2. Ghosts are not scary. Only your lack of awareness is scary.

Fear of ghosts is a learned response, not a natural one. Unfortunately, most people are taught to be afraid of what they are aware of rather than claim and explore what they are aware of. Did you buy anything from either of your parents about ghosts that might not really be your point of view?

What would you and your life be like today if you were taught to question and explore all that you perceive?

3. Ghosts can be your friends too. If you put them all in the scary basket you might miss out on the good ones who will make your life better.

Can some ghosts be creepy? Yes, and so can some people. Do you put all people in the creepy category or do people go into many different categories? Not all ghosts are the same - just like not all people are the same. Who might be there for you that you might not be acknowledging? If you did acknowledge them, would your life expand? Receiving is the frontier of the future.

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