The Aboriginal Spirits of Australia

The Spirit world is all around us. They are speaking to us all the time in all sorts of different ways. Every culture has its own expression and history of entities. In young modern Australia we are accompanied by the highly unique world of Aboriginals.

After traveling the world for many years, I have discovered and identified the different unique ways through which different cultural entities express themselves and show up. The aboriginals of Australia are one of the most unique expressions of entity presence I have encountered on earth. If all the spirits communicate in a certain way, the aboriginals of Australia don’t do it that way at all.

The Aboriginals can protect trees and keep on protecting the energy of that tree even after the tree has been cut down. They care for the land and rarely have a personal agenda rather a tribal, group or land agenda.

I recently moved into a house and for the first two weeks we lived there the automatic a garage door did not work. Meanwhile, I perceived a really strong being around the house. All of my normal and usual ways of dealing with Spirits didn’t work on this guy. Finally I asked him what I could do for him and he drew my attention to the garage. He was protecting a tree that had been cut down to build the garage. I found the energy of the tree in the land under the structure. I gave it my presence and I changed something. As soon as that shift occurred, the garage door started working and the entity has not been back to the house.

So many Spirits have a reverence for the earth and as interest in seeing it thrive.

Would you be willing to work with these Spirits to unite in creating a future where consciousness reigns on Earth. What do you know and who is speaking to you?

Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O'Hara is the creator and Founder of Talk to the Entities®.  Her willingness to be in the question of what else is possible with our awareness of the spirit world is totally different.

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