Are Ghosts Real?

This question is one that almost everybody considers at some stage of their life!

Whether you are watching the movie ‘Ghost’ with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore or seeing a door close on a still summers day at home alone, have you wondered… ‘What if I have another sense that no one has told me about?’

Unfortunately, your only reference point for the spirit world so far has only been from movies and religion! So what do you believe? That spirits are scary, uncontrollable and out to haunt you? Or that one day you will be that spirit with a message that no one will listen to??

And I bet you are now wondering which one of these two options is scarier?!


What if it didn’t have to be only these two options?

Let’s rewind to ‘everything you were not taught when you were growing up’…
You were not taught that ghosts, spirits or entities are basically the same as people…without bodies.

There are smart ones, there are stupid ones, there are kind ones and there are mean ones, there are drug addicted ones and sober ones...and a lot of them are just plain confused and have no idea what they are doing 99.9% of the time!

You were also not taught that, like people, you are perfectly capable of dealing with them. Most will be easy to deal with and some will challenge you to step up and be more aware than you have been willing to be so far!

So that is some logistics of the spirit world…

Now, let’s expand out to even subtler field of beings that are there for you, just as they are for the natural world of animals, plants and trees.

Have you ever been in a forest by yourself, your barriers down, no particular agenda or purpose to your thoughts or the direction you are walking in…the stream has such a sparkle to it and the air is unusually alive that day…

Hmmm... Is that day different? Or are your barriers down more than before and you are RECEIVING the magic of the nature spirits that thrive and gift every day to those that will receive it?

And to you, the world of spirits expands, your receiving expands and you have become more.

Do you still wonder if ghosts are real?

Or do you wonder what you are now capable of?

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