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Clearing the Holocaust Survivors from my Body

By Shannon O'Hara 
Just because you want to clear them doesn’t mean it’s time to clear them.

After (I don’t know how many years!) of facilitating Talk To The Entities® I finally was able to clear some very sticky entities from my body only a few nights ago!

Growing up with Rasputin

By Shannon O'Hara 
When I was eleven years old, my dad started channelling. For those of you who don’t know what channelling is, it’s when someone ‘leaves their body’ and another being comes in to speak.

'Welcome' to Australia

By Max Zoulek 
When I was 8 years old I migrated with my family from Germany to Australia.

For many years, as I looked back on this big geographical shift and considered the impact it had on my life, I always thought that it was the cultural and language difference that ‘made me’ withdraw from people and turn up the ‘fit in at all costs’ volume knob when I was in social situations.