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Here are a few things to be aware of while on Zoom.
Ensure your internet connection is adequate to view and be on camera during the entire class.
Please keep yourself on mute when you are not asking a question.
If you are having trouble with your internet, please join us by Zoom Telephone to listen in and have your video on your device.
Keep the video on for the English Zoom!
Ensure that you have minimal background noise for a clear recording that you can listen to in the future.
If you are receiving the translation, you will have to use 2 devices - one for English and one for your language of choice.
If and when you have questions you can either just speak up, raise your hand in zoom, please do not use zoom chat, questions will NOT be monitored there.


If you have not already, please join us on the class Telegram group where we will communicate essential information with you during class.

You can send in your questions here as well as interact with all the other participants in the class. It's only Shannon that may not see them here. So it’s best to ask on Zoom if you want the question to get to Shannon.

How To Join:
Install the Telegram App on your smart phone. 
Find the link HERE
Find your telegram request link in your class details email and join the Class telegram group.


To get help with technical issues, during the class, please join our Telegram Chat at least 30 minutes before class. The Telegram chat is your connection to your host, technical support, and other class participants.

Since this is a TTTE class please start by clearing entities.
If this does not work, talk to them.
If this does not work, receive from them.
Use the tools of TTTE in real practice for the most ease.

Believe it.

If your internet is not clear or working, inform the stream hosts immediately via the Telegram Chat and clear entities.

99% of the technical difficulties during this class will be due to entities.

Please use your tools.