Creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert and the Ancient Greeks Cross Paths with TTTE

In the talk Elizabeth speaks to a discovery of knowing she experienced as she asked questions around finding herself in unfamiliar territory after her book "Eat Pray Love" was very successful.

What she speaks to is so common and yet many of us don't choose to acknowledge our awareness of how entities and energies are so much a part of our lives. What if you could consciously create with everything around you?

In the TTTE curriculum entities are explained as "an energy that is defined" meaning we are entities, books, stories, songs, artwork, houses, and yes even ghosts and spirits.

You can perceive as Elizabeth speaks how she considers and relates to her work as if it has its own consciousness. What if it does? What more could you create if you started to acknowledge those creations as having consciousness of their own??

A further point that Elizabeth brought up was Daemons. This is in fact one of the more controversial subjects we explore during TTTE classes.

People in this day and age have a very different point of view of what a demon (current use of the word Daemon) is.  What if eveything you thought a demon is it isn't?

What if there are easy and practical ways to create with all energies and entities?

After Shannon O'Hara saw this talk she was amazed at what she does it get better than that??

We hope you enjoyed the video and the space that Elizabeth created for a different possbiblity....

This TED Talk " Your elusive creative genius by Elizabeth Gilbert" has been floating around the internet for some time now. You may have even seen it before.