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Addiction and Entities

Join Shannon in this life changing conversation on entity awareness and what we can do to address the entity impact on addiction. Addiction is always a choice, first and foremost; and having the tools of entity awareness can make us impervious to the negative effects of entities.
Learn, grow, apply and change the world.


Talk to the Entities Beginning . How does it get even better?

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Your home and computer – Wherever you are in the world!


Call 1: 29 March 2019 – 7 AM CET | Your time and date
Call 2: 30 March 2019 – 7 AM CET | Your time and date
Call 3: 31 March 2019 – 7 AM CET | Your time and date


$350 USD
Access Country pricing applies and is automatically calculated.

This Telecall includes :

  • 3 x 1.5 hr tele calls
  • Process PDF’s and Clearing Loops for further study and change


If you are interested in the translation of this class, please email us at: translations@talktotheentities.com with the name of the class and your language.
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