Spirits & Animals of the Earth|The Gift of Enchantment

With Shannon O'Hara & Suzy Godsey

 BEGINS APRIL 10, 2020

10th April 2020 - 2 PM CET (Your time & date)
15th April 2020 - 2 PM CET (Your time & date)
20th April 2020 - 2 PM CET (Your time & date)

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$375.00 USD*
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Magic is all around and Nature invites us to BE. Yet, to fully be we must also RECEIVE.

This telecall invites you to strengthen your receiving into being by including the ever-gifting animals and spirits of the earth.
What perception and awareness have you been refusing that the animals have never forgotten and the earth spirits provide?
How much more could you create if you generated WITH the earth and its beings?
Open up to awareness!

Spirits of the Earth

Spirits of the earth class; where we honour, connect and play.
Like bacteria is vital for all life to sustain itself, so are spirits of the earth for the earth.
They live amongst the trees, plants, in the waters of the earth and down inside. They have been known as fairies, sprites, gnomes and many other names in many other languages.
All people who lived with the earth knew them well and the more disconnected from the earth our cultures become the less we know these beings.
People’s unwillingness to perceive, play and receive from them has driven them away from man.
Every time you acknowledge and receive from one of these beings, you invite them to play more. Every time you acknowledge the sparkles on the water and the lights in the trees you will receive more and they will live more.

Animals of the Earth

Many animals of this earth chose to create symbiotic living with us.
Have they truly been acknowledged for that gift? What if we were willing to get over our superior way of thinking and into receiving what animals have to contribute to greater possibilities together on this planet?
Animals don’t understand our way of destruction. 
To them, this is not a reality they would ever choose.
Are you willing to drop into truly receiving the knowledge and wisdom the animals have to offer?

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