TTTE Facilitator Product Approval

All products bearing the Talk to the Entities name or Happy Ghost image and / or using the TTTE tools and materials must be reviewed and approved by TTTE. This means all of your TTTE Intro, Beginning, and Specialty class audios as well as books and any other physical or digital material bearing the TTTE name, content, or happy ghost.

You are required to submit a quarterly form along with 15% royalties. You will be provided with the form upon your product's approval as well as sent quarterly reminder emails.

Your products are sold via your website and channels, TTTE will not sell them for you. 
Any of the TTTE Intro & Beginning products you sell on your site DO NOT count towards the prerequisite for TTTE Advanced or Facilitators.
If your TTTE Facilitator License expires, you must cease selling or distributing your TTTE Products. 

If your product is approved, 1 of the TTTE staff will do a final review of your product posted on your website to verify that all text is correct. Then you will be given the final green light to sell, sell, sell!