What is your favourite TTTE tool?

One of my favourite tools is the conscious listening through my body. Mostly my body shows me, when entities are around, through a tingling sensation or with a feeling, as if someone is touching me. I used to dismiss these phenomena as imagination. Now by asking ‘is this an entity or something else?’, communication with my body, as with working with entities is much easier, faster, and more intense.

What is your greatest TTTE success story?

I never was a lover of funerals. But who really is? Somehow I always knew that death is not the end. And yet, as soon as I was surrounded by mourners, I had to howl. Until I realized that I was only doing that because the others around me were mourning. Since I know the tools of Access Consciousness® I am even more aware of that now.

Then, one month ago, my mother died. Nearly 10 years earlier, Alzheimer’s Disease began to show signs and immediately was taking its course. During the last year the tools of TTTE were a huge contribution to me and I am immensely grateful for that. Again and again I accompanied my mother with different tools – sometimes with body processes, sometimes with communication with her being, which was most of the time somewhere else in space and time. I noticed that it was easy for me to accompany her to the end of her life without being overwhelmed by emotions. It is the tools of Access Consciousness® and TTTE, which have taken my consciousness of dying and death to another level.

The day before she died, I stood in front of her, pushing down my barriers, expanded out and asking the Beings of Light for their contribution. It was so soothing to perceive how the room filled with peace and relaxation. After my mother had left this reality, I felt a desire to give the funeral oration. In the past this would have been inconceivable for me. Now it was just so clear and I had no doubts that feelings and emotions would distract me from it. I already knew that a person who was disoriented at the end of life, is or can be confused even after death. That is why I contacted my mother before the ceremony, invited her and asked her to be there. I also allowed contributing entities to be present. When I started the funeral oration, I somehow entered another space. I directed the speech primarily to my mother, to show her who and how she was in this life and to support her to obtain orientation again faster.

I ended with the words: “ Even when our body weeps in sadness, our being rejoices in Gratitude.” I noticed it was joyous and pleasurable for me to dedicate this speech to her. And I also perceived her joy. That was such a great gift for me.

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

Entities are around us, whether we perceive them or not. If we are in allowance and start trusting our perceptions and thus not exclude this other world, healing at all levels is possible. Because if we exclude something, we also exclude possibilities. With the tools of TTTE, we regain confidence in our very own perceptions and become empowered in dealing with them. And this can contribute to every aspect of our life and the whole world.

To find out more about Andrea and what Andrea is up to see here: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/public-profiles/andrea-fichtner/

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