What is my favourite TTTE tool?

If I have to pick a favourite it would be: There is nothing and no one more powerful than You. Including an entity.  From this space there is no need for barriers, walls and boundaries. I can be me, fully vulnerable, receiving, perceiving… Being the infinite being I truly be. How does it get better?

What is your greatest TTTE success story? 

There have been many entity stories throughout my life. From acknowledging walk-ins many many years ago, my father’s death and his gift to me right after he passed, then communication with him, with spirits of nature and beings of light.

Funny and recent TTTE story is how I chose to become a TTTE Facilitator. I have been choosing TTTE classes in a sort of an ease and light way, with no plan. I just could not resist it. With the TTTE Facilitators Training, I had reasons not to and yet, I chose to go. While listening to one of the specialty classes I realized I put the TTTE Facilitator class in a sort of an impossible and unavailable choice. If you are familiar with the tools of Access Consciousness you know that choice creates. So, I chose! I also asked for assistance from the entities.

At that point, my monkey mind deemed impossible for me to even dream that I’d go to Paris at that time and take TTTE Advanced and Facilitator Training! So many reasons why not: money, husband and fear of being judged… The very next day, I got curious about how much it would be to fly to Paris. I got at least $2400…and then, ideas started popping: What if I go home to Romania? What if I visit my sister in Cologne?

I have found and booked right away a 10 hours direct flight from Seattle to Cologne for about $800! I even got to see my mom! Train to and from Paris for $150 and so on… The rest is history. I am now so happy to be a TTTE Facilitator! My life has changed!

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

As a Medical Doctor and Geophysical Engineer in Romania, I kept the world of science and magic, separated. The veil is thinning…

TTTE empowered me to be as weird as I am no matter who I’m speaking to, beings in bodies or not.

How does it get more magical than magnetic field producing electricity? The elementals is a whole different story… Don’t even…

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