Kids, Ghosts and You?

What do entities mean to you?

Do you remember a time in your life where you weren’t sure about what life was about? Or rather… you had not come to conclusion about what life was?

Do you remember a time in your life when nothing really mattered? Or more so… where you had not yet learned to make things significant?

If you removed all the conditions, the ideas, the concepts and the judgments that you have hoarded since that time, what would your point of view about entities be then?

Would you have any? Or would you be a big fat question mark??

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I am talking about entities in relation to you when this article is about your kids!

Well, do you recognise how much your kids learn from you? Oh, not what you say to them, mostly your actions. Yes! That includes your thoughts, your doubts, your fixed points of views, your brilliances and idiot savant talents (the things you are great at and rarely acknowledge because they are easy for you).

The more conscious you are willing to be with ghosts and the unseen, the more you open the door to a different possibility for your kids.

I mean, who else is going to open that door for them??

All kids are different and something I noticed with my kids when they were younger (they’re 10 & 7 now) is that their attention was so often on me, soaking up every point of view that they can to define the world and how to deal with it (at least that’s what I thought at the time).

FOR YEARS I resisted this! I did not want to be responsible for their lives and limit them with MY limitations. I wanted them to be themselves, to be empowered to know what they know!

Yes, I’m cute not bright, thank you Gary Douglas, I recognise this about myself now.

Skip forward at least 4 years AC (After Access, yes I’m slow too)…. Only then did I begin to realise that these little sponges, aka kids, were not looking for definition. They were looking for me.

Now, before we get all mushy and idealistic about the innocence of children and the expectation and projection of them being the better version of ourselves that we never chose to be… what kids are actually looking for is unique to each of them.

Each child is an infinite being with a small body that has had a tonne of lifetimes and they come with their own ideas about what they want and where they are going. No matter how innocent they seem!!

It is very likely that you have had many lifetimes with your child/ren in various ways; as a lover, as their child, as their fiercest enemy, as a sibling and/or business partner.

Yes, I will return to the topic of Ghosts and your kiddies soon...

The thing is, if you don't get the weird and whacky ways that you have been involved with these cute little guys, for whom you wear rose coloured glasses, you will have a difficult time getting clear about BEING there for them in a way that creates more for everyone. The Kingdom of We.

Yes! You are included in that!

So, back to the story about myself… when I said the kids were looking for me, what I meant was, they were looking for me to BE me. This does not necessarily always look like you think it would.

They are manipulative beyond measure and everywhere I wasn’t willing to be aware and take off my rose coloured glasses, they would often use sadness, upset or sweetness to take advantage of whatever they could get away with.

I know, I know… ‘HOW the hell does this relate to Ghosts?!’ you say.

Well, how big is the world you live in?

Does it include your job, your spouse, your kids, your house, the postcode you live in and the yearly holiday you take to the same place each time hoping for a discount?

Or does your world include all of that AND the planet, the diversity of people and nature in the world, the places you haven’t seen, the sex you haven’t had, the foods you haven’t experienced, the possibilities you haven’t chosen, the magic you haven’t created and the unseen that you have not received from?

You are amidst a grand banquet called life.

Are you living it?

Do you dare your kids to live it?

If you dare, the unseen world will speak to you and contribute to you in ways you cannot imagine.

And your children may also listen.

(Disclaimer: your children are their own people. When you step into possibilities, there is no guarantee that they will follow you. Please see your Access Consciousness or Talk To The Entities manual for further assistance with Interesting Point Of View to not only alleviate symptoms of upset and dismay, but also to outcreate your stupidity of projections and expectations. Good Luck.)

When I began to receive from entities/ghosts I began to access a whole new world.

The follow-on effect was seeing an ease enter my children’s lives that would have been easy to miss if it wasn’t for the disappearance of night-panics from my daughter’s bed and a lightness in their eyes that wasn’t there before.

What can the entity world create in your life that you have never considered?

What can the entity world create in your children’s lives?

What can the entity world create for the planet that we have not been willing to receive until now?


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