Money & Entities


So, what is this weird topic of money and entities?

I have been an entity aware person all of my life. Sometimes it's been amazing and a lot of times it was a total nightmare. As I'm sure many of you can relate. But it is my interest in consciousness and my privilege to have grown up with Gary Douglas, who's the founder and creator of Access Consciousness.
And together he empowered me, and my interest in not killing myself led me to the development of the tools, the knowledge and the methodology of Talk To The Entities. I started exploring what Talk To The Entities was in my early twenties.

What I'm going to do today is share some of the cool stories that I have about how my willingness to receive and be open to entities showed up in monetary ways.

So when I was starting Talk To The Entities, I had no idea what was possible. And through the tools of Access, I was able to open up to my awareness in a really powerful way. And what I discovered was that, yes, there's a lot of annoying entities, and yes, there's a lot of entity clearing that's required. But there's also all this other stuff that goes on where there are entities that are grateful and there's entities that want to gift to us and there's entities that will take care of us and there's all this like contribution that's going on that I had never acknowledged or gotten.

One of the first really cool things that I experienced with an entity in money was in my twenties. I had a huge credit card debt and I felt pretty hopeless about it. You know how debt could be very oppressive. And I felt like I was never going to be able to get on top of it and all this stuff.
I was lying in bed one morning by myself and there was this being that was like standing at the foot of the bed. And I recognized it like I knew it was an entity standing there.
I said, “What are you doing?” to this entity, finally, on morning three. And as soon as I got over my point of view of the entity being annoying and that I didn't want to talk to it, I tuned into it and it was actually my grandmother. She had never really been that interested in me in life. And she said, “I'm sorry for not being there in your life”, essentially. And I was like,

“Wow, okay.” And then she sent she asked me an interesting question. She said: “Is there anything I can do for you now?” And immediately my credit card debt popped into my head, like, totally not believing, totally thinking this is impossible, totally not believing that this is what was going to happen. I said, “Well, I've got this credit card debt and it'd be really great if I could get paid off, you know?”

I had done the math on how long it was going to take me to pay off that credit card debt. And if I had stayed steady with my income and been consistent with my payments, it was going to take me something like seven years. Within two and a half months, I had paid off that credit card debt. And that was the first time I was, like, “Wow. She total contributed to the money coming into my life for me to be able to get on top of that credit card debt.” Instead of me ignoring it or disregarding it or invalidating it and being like, “Oh, that wasn't a thing”, or “I'm sure I'm crazy”, I actually was like, “Wow, was this my grandmother?” And it was like really clear that, yeah, that was something that she had contributed.
It was the first time I even realized that entities could do like stuff like that. Or that I could ask for help in that way. So that was like the first big entity in money awareness and breakthrough for me.

And then many years later I was staying at a rented apartment by myself and the woman - it was an Access person - was showing me around the apartment. It was a lot of bedrooms in the house, more than I needed by myself. But she was opening the doors and saying like, “Look, there's enough bedrooms. There's enough room for all the entities.” And before I even thought anything, I said, “Well, only if they pay.”
Few minutes later, right in the middle of the kitchen counter is a gold ring with diamonds. And, Liz, whose house it was, who she was showing me around, she goes in the other room and I'm like in the kitchen looking at this gold ring. And I'm thinking, “Oh. This must be hers. Like she must have taken off her ring or something when she was showing me around the apartment.”
So I take it from the kitchen and I go into the living room where Liz, whose house it was, and I said, “Is this your ring? You know, I just found this in the kitchen.” And she goes, “No, that's not mine.” And I was like, “Do you think it's your cleaners? Like, maybe she left it.” She goes, “No, that's not mine. That's not hers. Like, it's not anybody's.”
And I looked at this ring I was holding in my hand and I went, “Is this the entity's paying to stay here? Yes.”
I had basically stated the sort of the deal with if entities want to be around me and want to stay in this house jokingly, they can only do it if they pay and, immediately, I receive payment. And that was like this that sort of sealed the deal for me. I was like,

“Oh, okay, so this is like a thing – entities and money is like a thing.”

Now, I am very sensitive to and very aware that money is one of the most crazy places for people and entities is this other really crazy, weird place for people. So putting the two together can really bring out the crazy in people. And oftentimes I see people treat this topic like, “Okay, good, the entities are going to be the source of my life or the source of my creation, the source of my money.” And I think this is like a pretty historical thing in a lot of cultures, like, people like praying to an entity or being outside of them
to give them good fortune or to take care of them. Whereas I'm from California and there was I didn't really grow up like that. So when I discovered this thing about how entities could contribute, I was like,

“Oh, okay, I get this.”

So then I essentially went on to cooperate with a bunch of entities to develop Talk To The Entities and have received so many currencies, money, but also energy, awareness, expansion, support and all these incredible ways that it really woke me up to the fact that there is contribution in the universe and there are beings who do desire to gift now. There are beings who are total pains in the butt. You know, they're just like people. It's not like every entity is this great benevolent gifting being. But if we are open to receiving, receiving is the third aspect of Talk To The Entities work. So first is clearing, second is communicating, third is receiving. Receiving is this very dynamic, very powerful being that all of us can function from that catalyzes a lot more possibility.

One of the things that my dad says in his money work is that “You don't have a money problem, you have a receiving problem.” And one of the things that Talk To The Entities really taught me was about receiving. There were entities that would show up that I couldn't clear, that I couldn't even really work out what they were doing there until I started receiving. And when I started receiving, there was all of this incredible contribution of energy and support that I hadn't acknowledged, that I didn't realize was possible and has filled my life, my living, my career, my bank account, my consciousness with so much wealth


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