On the Road with Shannon: London UK

by Shannon O'Hara

London was the back drop so many years ago of some of the most difficult entity stories from my book Talk To The Entities.

Revisiting it 28 years later was an incredible learning yet again. I recognized profoundly again how dynamic the tools of Access Consciousness® are, in simply sensing how different the city of London is now. In the years I had visited it in the past it was denser and darker. This trip to London showcased a bright, sparkling alive city.

So many of the shadows had gone and I knew it was a direct result of all the Access classes that had been taking place in London over the last 10 years. All the people running Bars and clearing entities were making such a huge difference in the energy and feel of the city.
If we can change an old beast like London what can we create for the whole world with clearing and trusting the magic we know and,

Huge things begin small.

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