Beings of Light Exercises 2021 - ENGLISH

USD $ 700

Welcome to the Beings of Light Exercises!

6 Beings of Light exercises to get you into the magic.

This class is less about processing, explaining and discussing and all about the energy.

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Full price for this class is $700 USD.

**This class is in English**

Also available in the following languages:
لغة عربية | Français | 日本語 | Português | Español | 中文


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Shannon O'Hara · Beings of Light Exercises 2021

Are you ready to include all beings and cooperate with consciousness for the actualization of true magic?

Join me for a deep dive into a connection beyond the mind and a world occupied by our great friends and mega beings of light.


6 x Pre – Recorded Exercises between 30 to 60 minutes via mp3 Audio



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