Clearing Haunted Houses

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World renowned psychic medium Shannon O’Hara says, “Whether you are one of the people that are aware that you are living in a haunted house or whether you suspect it, clearing the entities is possible and can be easy if you know the tools to use.”

A must-read for Real Estate and Property agents!

Find out why entities haunt houses and what you can do about it.

Did you know that in Shakespeare’s time it was commonly accepted that ghosts existed and those who scoffed at them were considered foolish?

“People tend to function from a tremendous amount of misconceptions when it comes to the spirit world. Just because they are disembodied does not make them more powerful than you or more capable.”

Shannon shares six extraordinary and little known tools she uses to successfully clear haunted houses.

**This book is in English**

PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable eBook in PDF format.

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“Shannon was able to give me tools and methods to be in touch with other worldly beings in a clear, tangible way instead of running in fear and living with insomnia.” CG. USA



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