Mental Disorders That You Love To Have Around Entities, That Effectively Avoid Your Psychic Capacities | ENGLISH & LANGUAGES


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What if you could more easily handle what this reality calls mental disorders with the tools of TTTE and Access Consciousness?

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Mental Disorders & Entities

What if people who say they hear voices are actually hearing voices?

The voices of spirits!

What if a large array of so called ‘mental disorders’ were due to an extreme awareness of entities and a lack of education and empowerment in this area?

 Let’s educate, not medicate!

Shannon O'Hara · Main Mental Disorders That Plague Humanoids

3 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
3 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded Telecall via mp4 Video (English only)
1 x Written clearings PDF
1 x Clearing loop via mp3 Audio