TTTE Beginning - The Gift of Sight | 2023 | ENGLISH & LANGUAGES


Welcome to the Talk to the Entities Beginning - The Gift of Sight!

Do you have the gift of sight that you have always made yourself wrong for?

What if what is most wrong about it is what is most strong about you?

Access Foundation - within 12 months.

**This product is in English**

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Country pricing applies and is automatically calculated. Full price for this class is $2300 USD.
Repeat price of 70% is available if you have taken a TTTE Beginning or Advanced class within the last 12 months. Please contact us BEFORE PAYING at and we will send you a discount code.

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Join me for the lifesaving essential tools, awareness’ and methods of the Talk to the Entities Beginning Class!

- Getting out of fear and into potency with entities
- Everything you should have been told about entities from day one
- Learn how to clear ALL types of entities
- Begin to learn how to communicate with entities (communication flow chart included in class)
- Identifying your entity-awareness signs and symptoms
- What gifts are being given that you can start to receive?
- And so much more than you can even imagine!

Shannon O'Hara · A World Full of Spirits

7 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
7 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded Telecall via mp4 Video (English only)
1 x TTTE Beginning Manual PDF