Demon Clearing

This is beginning of digging deep, getting thorough and getting those demons out of your life!

Believe it or not many people do have lots and lots of demons. This is not to be scared of, rather recognized, so we know what to target for change.

Demons are a taboo subject and can bring fear, while it is true that demons can be quite treacherous, it is also TRUE that demons can be cleared.

This audio will be fantastic for you guys that have been aware of and have any suspicions that you have demons or are living with people that have demons in their life.

This product is an audio file that is designed to be listened to repeatedly on a loop until desired effect is achieved.

**This clearing loop is ONLY available in English**

5% of this purchase will go towards ACTIONS FOR FUTURES


How awesome is clearing!?

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a magic wand that you could wave at all the the stuff you don’t want to handle or don’t know how to handle?

Well there is a magic wand called the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement!

Introducing Shannon O'Hara'a brand new Entity Audio Clearing Loops! She skilfully uses the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement within these magical clearing loops.

Dive deep into changing all that limits you with the spirit world and awareness.

How much comes up for you when we say spirit world? So this is a great start, let’s clear that!

The clearings get us to the point where we can choose, what have you chosen that limits you with entities?

Product contains:

  • Intro audio on how to use the Clearing Audio
  • Explanation of the Clearing Statement
  • Downloadable mp3 Audio Clearing Loop

It's magic! I often use it when I'm on planes getting ready for landing. The pressure on my ears go away. Thank You for creating it Shannon O'Hara and giving us choice of ease! ~ Pia

It a wonderful clearing when my ipad broke like a virus inside it I start to listen to demon cleraing then i pad becomes ok. ~ Emel