TTTE Specialty Series:
Entities & Addiction


Join Shannon in this life changing conversation on entity awareness and what we can do to address the entity impact on addiction. Addiction is always a choice, first and foremost; and having the tools of entity awareness can make us impervious to the negative effects of entities.
Learn, grow, apply and change the world.

TTTE Beginning class with any facilitator

**This class is in English**
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Enjoy this three part tele class with Shannon.

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This product contains:

  • 3 x 90 minute mp3 class audios
  • 3 x Clearing Processes audio loops
  • 3 x Written Clearing Process PDFs


Thank you so much for creating this call series! Amazing first call!
I can even sense my muscles getting stronger as my awareness expands and I relax into more of me interesting - bypassing the whole small, pathetic and weak thing by choosing to become more conscious - love this stuff!!!
Thank you for inviting me and us to a space of choosing different! ~ JF


Thank you Shannon & Team for creating these calls!!
Phenomenal. And this would be an understatement. Super grateful. What else is trully possible now? ~ AS


I have done many classes with Shannon over the years. This has been the most life-changing, universe altering, body transforming call I have been on with her…. YET!! I wonder where we can go from here? ~ AI


Thank you so much for this call! Even though I'm not a smoker, alcoholic or drug user, the call has made so many things a lot clearer already and it's definitely still working. And what else is possible now? ~ IS