TTTE Specialty Series:
House Clearing from A-Z


Learn how to clear all entities and energies that make a house, building or land funky and stuck. These are incredibly easy, yet powerful tools and processes that will ‘un-haunt’ any house and clear any space! You will be amazed by the ease and space you will be able to create. Have fun!

**This class is in English**

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This product is a prerequisite to become a TTTE Certified Facilitator.

Enjoy this three part tele class with Shannon.

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This product contains:

3 x 90 minute mp3 class audios
3 x Clearing Processes audio loops
3 x Written Clearing Process PDFs


Purchased the House Clearing package on Friday and started the Space clearing loop at home on Friday night. Our back yard was very funky, we are not in a neighborhood There have been lots of changes to the earth and people and spirits since I have been here. (18 years). Checked out the back yard yesterday, Saturday evening and it felt fresh, clean, happy and lovely. Thank you Shannon O'Hara for this delightful change with the clearing loop for 24 hours. Wonder how far reaching the change can be after a month, 2 months. What else is possible? ~ PLT