TTTE Specialty Series:
Mental Disorders with Entities

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What if people who say they hear voices are actually hearing voices? The voices of spirits!

What if a large array of so called ‘mental disorders’ were due to an extreme awareness of entities and a lack of education and empowerment in this area?

What if you could more easily handle what this reality calls mental disorders with the tools of TTTE® and Access Consciousness™? This class will delve into where awareness of entities and psychological disorders are misidentified and misapplied. Let’s educate, not medicate!

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Enjoy this three part tele class with Shannon.

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This product contains:

  • 3 x 90 minute mp3 class audios
  • 3 x Clearing Processes audio loops
  • 3 x Written Clearing Process PDFs


1 review for TTTE Specialty Series:
Mental Disorders with Entities

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Liam P (verified owner)

    I am on the third listen to this class and each time I get so much more awareness and I just get happier!!!

    Have you ever had a whisper in your mind that there is something wrong? Or perhaps a feeling of paranoia? Or maybe you keep second guessing yourself? Or maybe all 3? Welcome to what my reality was like before this class.

    The thing is, Shannon looks at this area with such a different perspective that it actually get you out of the wrongness of having the so called entity symptoms above and gets you to acknowledge your capacities with entities.

    I love the fact that Shannon is so vulnerable and talks about how she, herself, had all this paranoia and stuff when she was younger and how she applied these tools to create a difference.

    I am just going to blunt. If you have a mental disorder or work with people with metal disorders, or perhaps you are like me and have both, then get this class! Every sentence is a nugget of gold and Shannon keeps you inviting you to your greatness and gives tool upon tool for you to use to create a life of joy!

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