TTTE Specialty Series:
Walk Ins


Did you know that it is more common for a body to have multiple ‘walk ins’ than to have none? Yes, ‘walk ins’ remain one of the most dynamic yet confusing area’s with entities.

The Walk In’s series will challenge your concept of self and assist you to have clarity of who we really are. Dive into one of the most amazing areas that can create so much clarity and ease for people.

What if by clearing walk ins you could choose confidently and easily?

**This class is in English**
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This product is a prerequisite to become a TTTE Certified Facilitator.

Enjoy this three part tele class with Shannon.


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This product contains:

  • 3 x 90 minute mp3 class audios
  • 3 x Clearing Processes audio loops
  • 3 x Written Clearing Process PDFs


"!!! This class! There are no words to truly describe the level of gratitude I have for Shannon, the questions from the participants, and the overall awesomeness of this class. Thank you thank you thank you. The best way I can put it is that this class Blew The Tits Right Off Of Me..haha!!! Thank you so very much Shannon. I have listened to each call at least 7 times each and I keep receiving more and more. By far the best Access Class I have ever taken. Life fucking changing! What else is possible now?! "~ Kara McIvor.