The Secrets of Halloween ?

Halloween is the one night a year western society celebrates the spirit world, except they all think they are joking.

But are they?

Why do we do this thing of dressing up, pretending to be ghosts and witches? Where did it all come from and why do we as a society unify in this cultural get together at all? Besides ‘for fun’ of course.

If we question any part of our modern society’s customs, we can usually trace them back through history to our ancestors and their worship and devotion of the earth and its spirits.

Christmas, as we call it today, is on the surface the remembrance of Jesus’s birthday. But if you look further, the Winter solstice is only a few days before ‘Jesus’ birthday’ in the northern hemisphere and the 25th of December is when the sun (son) starts its long journey back to warming up the north.

Could what we call Christmas today be our ancestors celebration of the SUN’s birth as it rises higher and higher in the sky bringing life?

And if we look at Easter, we see a similar phenomenon. We celebrate it in the Christian way of Jesus’ ‘rebirth,’ not its potential true original meaning of the return of life as Spring returns.

Halloween can also find its roots in earth worship.

Halloween was originally Sanhaib, a pagan festival at the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the Winter - or ‘darker’ - season.

It got its Christian name, Halloween, when some Pope chose to make the pagan earth ritual All Hallow’s Eve, a Christian celebration to proceed All Saint’s Day on November 1.

Bye, bye to the earth dancing and hello to the heady, conceptual, meaningful nonsense that no-one understands. Nothing real has even come from our heads, all that is true comes from the earth.

Do we get our darker under and overtones of Halloween from this literal experience our ancestors had with seasonality? With their connection to the earth's cycles and what came with these earth changes? Preparing for the darker months to come?

We slip into new seasons now and, for the most part, it is hardly noticed. We have the technology now to keep us safe from the heavy winter and other harsh weather. Most of us would be clueless when it came to reading the stars in the sky and knowing the date by their placement.

Our ancestors had a much greater connection with the earth - they had to live by its extremes and also witnessed its gifts just simply because they lived outside more.

Without our indoor heating and a 24-hour supermarket down the road, life had to be planned for. The earth and its seasons had to be worked with. I posit that part of this working with the earth was also a deeper knowledge of the spirits that live and lived on the earth with us.

Since Sanhaib (Halloween) was celebrated by our European ancestors so long ago all we have is a rough interpretation of what they did, but there is information that they dressed up in costumes and danced around to ward off the spirits. But who knows, they might have been dancing around with the spirits?!

What are people aware of with their Halloween celebrations that they are not really willing to have in their daily lives?

I also posit that Halloween serves a purpose in society. It allows people to embrace and walk with the darker energies briefly.

In modern society, we have all but suppressed and hidden any energy, action or behaviours that could be considered or judged as ‘dark’. This includes spirit awareness, many other forms of awareness such as knowing when someone will die, even killing animals, dealing with death and healing. Even sexual energies are subjected to the dark side as they are not normal and don’t fit.

When the ‘darker’ or less exposed energies are not expressed (as they must be for nature to be in balance) they fester and find their way out in violence, fear, sickness and worse.

Halloween is now a characterized expression of what everyone more or less pretends isn’t real.
Whenever I see a horror lawn at Halloween time, one where body parts are protruding from the grass and ghouls and goblins are lurking in the trees, I always have to question what is really going on with the people who live in that house?

What if we didn’t hide what we are? I know, scary, but how much would that change the world? We would see the beasts for who and what they are - and the angels too.

What are you going to be this Halloween?

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