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April 11, 2021
لماذا بدأت التخاطُب مع الكينونات

إنه أمر مُحرِج دائمًا أن أعترف بأنني بدأت (التخاطب مع الكينونات)بنفس القدر من الخوف والمقاومة للأشباح مثل أي شخص آخر. كنتُ مُبتَدِئَة مُتَرَدِدَة و كان لدي خياران صعبان؛ يمكنني أن أستمر في الجري مع الخوف،  كرد فعل وأكون مجنونة قليلاً من جميع 'الأصوات في رأسي' و 'الظلال في الزاوية'، أو يمكنني الانفتاح، و جعلها تحت […]

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January 21, 2019
¿Por qué las Casas Se Embrujan?

El cuento de la casa embrujada es viejo y muy gastado. La casa escalofriante a la que nadie quiere acercarse. Las tablas del piso que crujen, las sombras que se mueven por los pasillos, los susurros en la noche, los libros volando de los estantes y los otros fenómenos "inexplicables". Por mucho tiempo, el motivo […]

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August 26, 2017
Top 5 often confused truths about entities... #1

1. Clearing entities is NOT difficult! You only require tools that work. The correct tools for any job will always make light work of the task at hand. You would not build a house with a spoonful of yoghurt and a piece of string… highly ineffective tools I would say! Now unfortunately there has been […]

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June 16, 2017
Top 5 often confused truths about entities... #4

4. Entities will give back if you ask. Let me tell you a funny story. I had just started working for Shannon and Talk To The Entities (TTTE) a while back and while I was very familiar with the tools of Access Consciousness, the TTTE tools were only very new to me. I did not […]

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August 6, 2016
Why Houses Get Haunted?

The tale of the haunted house is an old and well worn one. The spooky house that no-one wants to go near. The creaking floorboards, the shadows moving down the halls, the whispers in the night, the books flying off the shelves and the other ‘unexplainable’ phenomenon. For too long, why houses get and stay […]

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May 31, 2016
Why I started Talk To The Entities

It is always sort of embarrassing to admit that I started TTTE just as scared and resistant to ghosts as everyone else. I was a reluctant starter and had two hard choices; I could keep running around scared, in reaction and being slightly crazy from all the voices ‘in my head’ and ‘shadows in the […]

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May 27, 2016
3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to be Scared of Ghosts

Are you scared of ghosts? Here are three reasons why you don’t have to be afraid of what you know about ghosts: 1. One day you will be a ghost too. Do you want people to think about you the way you think about ghosts now? 2. Ghosts are not scary. Only your lack of […]

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March 19, 2016
Who wants to talk to entities anyways?

Most of us spend the majority of our lives trying to avoid talking to entities. We are not really taught that this is a positive thing and will bring joy or ease to our lives, rather we are shown through media, television, cinema, religion and family that talking to and dealing with entities will harm […]

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June 4, 2015
10 False Reasons you should NEVER talk to Ghosts, busted!

#1.  They are NOT real Jack...and that is THAT. It may be common that many people act like this is true and many discourage you from even considering the possibility...but aren't you curious at all??...really?? How many stories have you heard that, even though ghosts are not real, people have sworn they were visited by […]

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December 23, 2014
The Weirdest Topic In The World... Entities!

Until quite recently I actually thought that the topic of entities was a normal one. It was always something that we talked about in my family and being the founder of Talk To The Entities it is a subject that is spoken about and explored in depth on a very frequent basis. Hearing that I […]

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