Taking the Black Out of Magic

Black magic is at the same time both horrifying and titillatingly exciting. As soon as it is mentioned people ether roll their eyes in disbelief, secretly or openly quake in their boots or have a strike of excitement run through them.

Although in the modern world we treat discussion of black magic as we would our children’s imaginary friends; in old world countries belief and faith in black magic reigns strong.

For centuries and centuries placing power over one’s life and choices outside of one’s self has been a mass majority practice. If it is not a god to whom we entrust all of our faith, belief and guidance, it is an evil spirit or devil who perpetrates all wrongs and has all power over our virtuous minds.

The great spirit outside of one’s own self is a theme that runs deep in all cultures and has been somewhat trivialised by the modern god of science.

Yet we find ourselves in a world plagued by demons and watched over by angels, no matter what vocabulary you use for them or reality you believe in.

Remember the last time you heard someone say or it may have even been you saying ‘they are fighting with their demons’ or ‘they must have an angel watching over them’.

So how have we learned to live in a world with these spirits? Some have completely shut off from their awareness of the spirit world, others accept its presence yet fear it. Others still, know it and work with it to create greatness or harm. Thus it is so with all things, they can be used for kindness or meanness.

It is the ill will within people that leads us to harm and the destruction of the lightness of being that could be as it was chosen.

Black magic and demons have been the villains of so many tales and an invisible battle of conflict and belief is waged with them daily. Do they exist?

And if so, can people do harm with them?

If you live in Turkey, Mexico, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa etc. the answer is yes.

If you live in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden etc. the answer would be no.

The darker your skin the more your culture tends to believe in spirit magic.

Probably due to a lack of Christianity =) kidding……….. not.

Being an entity seer, talker and all-around ‘dealer with’ I have seen demons lay asunder the sanity and health of their host as dynamically as I have seen a great spirit of kindness engulf a person in a warm, healing embrace.

I have seen malevolent people use all at their disposal to do harm or gain power over.

I have also seen those under the greatest psychic attack choose to step up and not be at the effect of those who would destroy and others completely choose to be at the effect of all that will do harm.

So is black magic real? Remember the last time you were judged, black magic?

Remember the last time you judged and were resentful towards another, black magic? What if putting the power of your own choice and creation of your life in the hands of another, embodied or disembodied was the ultimate form of black magic on yourself?

What if you were no longer at the effect of the world around you but rather affecting the world around you? Would you have any excuse and would you have to once and for all claim what was for you?

Who or what have you been giving power to outside of you that has no power over you but the power you give it?

Good and evil are not modern inventions and how we choose to respond to them can be a reactive or conscious one.

Meanness, unfortunately, is not a modern invention either and curses, damnation and sending evil spirits to someone have more or less been replaced by back-stabbing, veiled threats and cyberbullying.

Yet for those who live ‘superstitious’ or more aware lives (depending on your point of view), the undercurrent of society is laden with mysterious phenomenon and possibility.

What if you could have access to all energies? Good, bad, right and wrong, without judgment? What could and would you create then?

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