Top 5 often confused truths about entities... #4

4. Entities will give back if you ask.

Let me tell you a funny story. I had just started working for Shannon and Talk To The Entities (TTTE) a while back and while I was very familiar with the tools of Access Consciousness, the TTTE tools were only very new to me. I did not realize that you could literally “talk to the entities”… I thought talking to entities was a top notch, hard to hone a skill that one could only do after YEARS of study and practice. Fast forward a few months after learning the TTTE tools, BOY was I wrong!

Entities were trying to get my attention because they needed to help my whole life, however I did not “notice” them. I smelled weird smells… saw stuff dart across the room… felt like someone was in the room even but could not ‘see’ it… It was all a bit of a guessing game.

Then I heard Shannon mention in a telecall one day that if an entity wants to communicate with someone they might come to you for help with that and to ask them to pay or to bring the person to you with money in hand. Great idea!

Fast forward to some weeks later, when I was in my room and this entity came to visit. This entity had visited before, I remembered him because of his bad smell. In the past I had told him to “go away” yet he kept coming back… So this time, I said to him “if you want me to give your person a message, bring me money! Otherwise go away.”

Without a second thought I got up and went to make a cup of tea, on my return to my chair there a $5 bill sitting right where I was sitting! There was no-one in my house so I asked if it was from the entity… he said yes! Cool huh?!

So the moral of the story is that when entities ask you for help, ask for MORE MONEY 😉

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