Top 5 often confused truths about entities... #1

1. Clearing entities is NOT difficult! You only require tools that work.

The correct tools for any job will always make light work of the task at hand. You would not build a house with a spoonful of yoghurt and a piece of string… highly ineffective tools I would say!

Now unfortunately there has been so much misinformation about how to clear entities and ghosts that it is no wonder people think its “hard” to do! Literally 85% of all entities desire to be cleared, all you need is the correct tools to communicate with them and they can move on to their next adventure.

Try this with me:
Perceive all the entities around you, now ask them all ‘Who are you all? Who were you before that? Who were you before that? Who will you be in the future? No off you all go! You can leave and go onto your next adventure, take all your baggage with you… bye bye!’. How does that feel? Lighter? More spacious? Of course! You just cleared entities. Congratulations, it is THAT simple! How easy when you use the correct tools huh?


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