Talk To The Entities Amazing Book Club Deal!

Buy the TTTE ebook & Club Package and the Entire 12 Week Talk To The Entities Book Club from 2017 is yours!

Follow along with 16 amazing International Talk to The Entities Facilitators, including Shannon O’Hara, as they read from the stories and facilitate greater awareness and the profound tools of TTTE. What if awareness was one of your greatest strengths?

You will receive 12 audio calls with 16 of the amazing International TTTE Facilitators, including Shannon!

Follow along with the ebook or listen at your leisure.

$35 eBook + $35 Club = $70

So grateful! You’re awesome! I’m just reading your TTTE book and I’m in love! I have always had this ability of seeing, percieveing ghosts and other dimensions and realities. And I so locked it, not to be this weird being, struggling to be normal and it just kept me in suffering. Now I am choosing to be as weird as I possibly can be and I’m having such a good time!
Thank you sweet Shannon!
Maristela Weise
I really enjoyed this Book Club!! I can’t wait to take my first class.
John Ashford
Week 12 – This was the BOMB call – it sure did feel like I was given a left and right hook with an undercut, wow, this really got my attention and how much I didn’t want to really fully step into my awarenesses, I was toe testing lots of them, before I jumped in hesitantly, the questions Shannon O’Hara presented us, it was a huge, space of OMG WOW and why aren’t I chosing that! To fully receive it, its like now I have the taster, its definitely wet my appetite and I couldn’t go back to what I was choosing before…. there is so much more, and WOW words cannot express the energy that’s there to play with. I am definitely stepping into more of me, this call reminded me of the Adventures in Consciousness Shannon did in beginning of 2016 taking sail in uncharted waters and explore and discover where you’ve not been before and so much more. Each time I listen to each of the calls something new shows up each time, I hadn’t heard before, these last 12 weeks has been like a little bird getting ready to take flight from the nest…. so Grateful to all you guys, the Facilitators and Shannon.
Cecilia Skender Ives
Thank you!!! I really enjoyed every single chapter.
Jennifer Bahnsen
Loved this book club. So grateful!
Winnie Sanchez