TTTE Facilitator Spotlight with Angelique Bernard

What is your favorite TTTE tool?

What gifts, capacities and skills do you have with entities and what would it take for you to use them to your advantage? I love using this one every day! It allows me to create and develop a space and consciousness with entities I never had before.

What is your most incredible story with TTTE?

There are so many incredible stories I have with entities... But if I have to share just one, it would be the following story:

Four years ago, I was in Australia and I chose to experiment with automatic writing (channeling). I have been hearing so many voices in my head since childhood.  So I had the idea I could do something with it if I calmly listened to the voices. By channeling entities I wrote something that totally changed my life.

These entities told me that I needed to learn an energetic technique that consisted of putting your fingers on your head to heal people. Not knowing the Access® Bars at this time I started to research. After a while, I went to someone who had a picture of Gary & Dain doing a Bars session. I immediately recognized this energy from my channeling.  And it corresponded to this technique of Access® Bars! I started experimenting with Bars. I saw that Shannon O’Hara was doing TTTE classes in Australia near where I lived. Very soon after the Bars, I attended Talk To The Entities classes with Shannon!

I have a lot of gratitude towards entities! They changed my life!  They were able to guide me towards the path of my abilities with them and consciousness!

What would you like people to know about TTTE?

Talk to the Entities is more than communication with beings who have no bodies. It’s about accessing your abilities to listen to energy! The subtle and powerful communication that is available with all the elements that surround us!

And know that resisting a potency can be uncomfortable... Re-accessing this potency with the TTTE tools is to discover a huge treasure that will change your life forever!

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