TTTE Facilitator Spotlight with Chandana Anand Bawa

What is my favorite TTTE tool?

My favorite tool is what will it take for you to know, be, perceive and receive that you are the most dominant entity of your reality? This empowers me to choose more of me rather than be at the effect of any entities around me.

What is my greatest TTTE success story?

There are many stories that blow my mind. However, the one which totally shifted my world was when my body was in immense pain for 5 months. I looked at everything else but entities. I would run my bars and body processes constantly and eventually I even went to the doctor. However, nothing really shifted. I would get the awareness about entities and I would say to myself ‘that is one class I do not want to facilitate and I will not facilitate’.

Many people among my friend circle would acknowledge my potency with entities but I had a great resistance towards it. One night the intensity was so much in my body that the next day I was supposed to visit the doctor to figure out what was going on. That is when a post on Facebook popped up about the TTTE facilitators class in Paris, 2018. That is when I chose it and within a moment the pain dissipated and the whole process of visa, tickets, and stay was taken care of with so much ease. The moment I acknowledged and received the information to choose my first TTTE Facilitators class, everything changed for me. The pain of 5 months that I was battling with was gone within a moment.

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

TTTE is not only about ghosts and spirits. It’s about receiving from the spirit world. How much of awareness have we cut off because we have decided that we can not receive from the spirit world? The moment you are willing to receive and the moment we are willing to have our barriers down we can receive from every molecule. And when we receive from everything we can receive more of ourselves including the judgments. How many judgments do we have of ourselves? How much fear do we have of the spirit world that overrules our day-to-day choices?

What possibilities can open up if we receive everything including the world of spirits with total ease?
I wonder what that would create for us?


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