TTTE Facilitator Spotlight with Kalpana Raghuraman

What is your favorite TTTE tool?

Trusting, claiming, and owning what you know. This allows you to trust your awareness – including everything you are aware of around entities. Will you have the peace, ease, and joy of no longer having to prove or justify what you know?

What is your greatest TTTE success story?

There are so many success stories but this one really surprised me since the person in question was not even present in class. During a class, there was a lady whose 10 year old son was having a hard time with life ever since…ever. He was having trouble at school, was having emotional outbursts, and was simply a deeply unhappy child. She said that after giving birth, on the second day at the hospital she was feeding her child and she looked at him and felt that he simply was not the same - this was not her boy. She couldn’t piece it together, it made no sense, she thought she must have been imagining this and so she ignored it.

During the Walk-In conversation in class, she asked if by any chance that on day 2, another entity had walked into her son and the being in control now, is a walk-in. I asked her some questions and this was indeed what appeared to be the case. During the clearings, she offered her ‘original son’ the choice to leave the body, to go make another choice. After the class finished, I received a message from her: “My 10 year old son who was constantly in conflict - needing to scream and cry, coming home from school - being stuck and hardly speaking .... the list was long as you might remember from class. When I got back home from class I found a calm boy, who actually smiles and is happy!”

This class is so freaking powerful and life-changing and this is just one of the many, many amazing stories!

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

Talk to the Entities is really THE invitation to step into your potency and function from perceiving, knowing, being, and receiving. TTTE allows you to be that infinite, aware being that you truly are so you can be present with all energies and beings: embodied and disembodied. This allows you to be the source of your own life, willing to receive everything yet needing nothing, and going beyond everything this reality says is real and true.


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