TTTE Facilitator Spotlight with Manfred Zepeda

What is your favorite TTTE tool?

All the Talk To The Entities tools creates so much expansion and awareness. The tool that I enjoy the most is the exercise to develop your awareness muscle, lowering your barriers, and be willing to perceive what is instead of what you would like it to be based on your filters or fears. That creates a lot of ease for me when perceiving entities.

What is your greatest TTTE success story?

Wow, so many stories! The one-story that is more present and took me out of fear of entities completely is the following. I was at a house of a very good friend. We were going to take an Access Consciousness® class in the same city where she lives so she offered her house for me to stay. She has a big and beautiful house with very old British furniture. She used to wake up at 4 am every night without knowing how or why and she couldn’t sleep afterward.

When I got to her house and we were catching up in the living room I noticed these 5 kids around the fireplace, they were wearing long white pajamas. They were quiet and easy so I asked my friend if she had perceived that energy before and she said “no, but I like the idea of having children energy in my house.” So I didn’t clear them or communicate with them. I went to my room to sleep and it was a rainy night. I am used to sleeping by myself so I usually don’t have any noise around me. This time at 4 am I hear in my ear (not in my dream) a kid laughing; the laugh when kids are playing and that was so “unexpected” for me that my mind woke up immediately.  I felt how my being left my body for microseconds up to the ceiling and came back to my body while my heart was beating so fast.

My mind started to create this “horror movie” with the sound of the rain and someone next to me laughing but I said to myself STOP, RELAX AND EXPAND, barriers down… Once I relaxed and expanded I was perceiving these 5 kids around my bed looking to play with me. I told them “it is not time to play, you can do it after 9 am” and they left immediately. I caught myself going to the story and fear instead of seeing what was real. I learned to be more vulnerable. Since then the fear has been gone and I am going to a question instead of a conclusion of what I am perceiving. After that day my friend doesn’t wake up at 4 am anymore and the kids know when to be active and play.

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

Talk To The Entities is not only about people spirits or whatever concept of entity you have. It is an invitation to expand your awareness and begin to listen to the whispers of consciousness. It is magical when you lower your barriers and allow the energies to communicate with you. Come play with us!

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