TTTE Facilitator Spotlight with Shree Dembla

What is your favorite TTTE tool?

Talk to the Entities is a tsunami of awareness. There are so many tools that create ease and joy around clearing, communicating, receiving, contributing with entities. Yet my favorite Talk To The Entities tool is awareness of/and tools to clear drugs & alcohol entities. I have a huge potency with them. Before this awareness, I used to be sick, confused or lost for days after coming back from a hospital or pub. Now I just use the tool and play with entities.

What is your greatest TTTE success story?

I created for myself a three times bigger office at the same rent that I was paying earlier by working with my invisible teammates, angels and not just that only.  When I got to that place it was so dense and heavy. I cleared all the entities from that place. Now it’s so pleasant and light that no one wants to leave. Also one of our family properties was not rentable for two years. When I learned the clearing tools of TTTE for the first time, I connected with the place and entities there and CLEARED them.  It was rented within a month and I can go on and on with what using TTTE tools have created: better ideas, more money, more ease, of course, more fun for myself and for my clients.

What would you love people to know about TTTE?

Talk to the Entities is not just about communicating with the spirits and ghosts. It’s about communion with everything: the buildings, the lands, the Earth, the trees, the beings without bodies, the beings with bodies too. It’s about clearing the beings that are stuck in time and space, communicating with beings that may have amazing information that can be of advantage to us. Receiving from all beings can be a lot more rewarding than we can even imagine.

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