‘Welcome’ to Australia

by Shannon O'Hara

Sun rises over the Clare Valley, South Australia

When I was 8 years old I migrated with my family from Germany to Australia.

For many years, as I looked back on this big geographical shift and considered the impact it had on my life, I always thought that it was the cultural and language difference that ‘made me’ withdraw from people and turn up the ‘fit in at all costs’ volume knob when I was in social situations.

Oftentimes, I felt paranoid and extremely self-conscious when I was around other people, desperately trying to change myself to fit in; a sense I never had when I lived in Germany.

From the age of 19 – 29 I tried countless self-help and spiritual modalities to try and find an answer and solution to my extremely mis-fitting nature.

Just why can’t I feel at home? Why can’t I fit in? Why does everyone hate me so much?


Fast forward some years; I am regularly travelling overseas and I have been using the Access and Talk To The Entities tools for 5 years and had many conversations about this with my wife Shannon (the gorgeous woman that usually writes blogs here about the entity world); I noticed that I had a very different sense when I was abroad, basically anywhere! (we will find out about China this week..)

It was easy, I could be way more of me and creation was far easier.

EVERY time I would return to Australia, within 24 hours, the sense of patheticness, occasional paranoia and misfit would creep back into my universe and take hold.

I destroyed and uncreated everywhere I had decided I had responsibilities as a father I was refusing; everything I had bought from my own father about being a misfit in Australia (he moved here at the age of 50 without speaking English); everywhere life was too easy here, the lifestyle culture… you name it, I destroyed and uncreated it!!

One day, Shannon and I had a conversation about this same energy and discovered the Aboriginal Entities reluctance to white colonization and the change that is being forced onto this land.

This is not just a quiet ‘go away’, it’s a powerful ‘you do not belong here’ vibe that pervades Australia.

And they have every right to be angry!

You all know the violence that was perpetrated here in the past… but have you considered the magic that can be created for now and the future?

Perhaps ‘for now’ in Australia is a bit of stretch but you sure can start with yourself.


Expand your awareness out. Including the building you are in or the environment around you. In every direction including down into the earth.

Allow yourself to perceive everything and push your barriers down.

Also, whenever you notice yourself slipping into something funky, ask, ‘What is this? Is this mine, someone else’s or something else?’

If it lightens up on ‘someone else’s’ or ‘something else’ ask if it is entities.

If that lightens up, clear them.

Who are you? Who were you before that? And before that? And before that? Who will you be in the future? (see your Access Foundation manual or TTTE Beginning manual for the full clearings)

The entity clearing gives stuck, lost or confused entities an awareness that this is not their only lifetime or their only choice. Often it also gifts them the recognition that they don't have a body anymore!

These tools are often far more reaching and powerful than we realize at the time.

So I invite you to create a difference in the world starting with yourself. Acknowledge your awareness. Never settle for funk. Use the tools to get clear and discover your reality.

HINT: Your reality is always light, never heavy!

May the force be with you. (I’m pretty sure that's not original? Maybe we’ve heard that before somewhere…)

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