Welcome to Talk To The Entities ?

Hello and welcome to the new Talk To The Entities. TTTE has been growing and growing along with Access Consciousness for over the last 10 years and I am so excited as TTTE’s mommy to see it reaching some maturity and strength.

TTTE just reached its one-year anniversary of having Facilitators besides my self (Shannon O’Hara) and is constantly reaching farther and farther spaces of the world from India to Poland to Canada to Holland to Singapore and beyond.

In this blog you will find entries from me (Shannon) as well as the other TTTE Facilitators. They will be full of cool story’s, lots and lots of tools and insights and a really awesome community of people who take the spirit world very lightly and see it very clearly.

My hope is that you will find some if not a lot of awareness and what ever you require that will make you know what you know and be all that you can be.

This is a weird topic for most yet one that pervades all of our lives.  In my view it is border line barbaric and extremely unrealistic to carry on as if the spirits world were not real. It is real and your awareness of it are very real as well. Just cause nearly no one talks about it openly with confidence, clarity and lightness doesn’t mean that it’s a scary, heavy area. It just means people make it scary and heavy.

We hope you enjoy what TTTE has to offer and gain more possibility for you. Who ever is speaking to you and trying to get your attention, what if you listen?

Where would that lead?

Shannon O'Hara

Shannon O'Hara is an Acccess Consiousness® Certified Facilitator
Creator of Talk the the Entities® and author

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