Who wants to talk to entities anyways?

Most of us spend the majority of our lives trying to avoid talking to entities.

We are not really taught that this is a positive thing and will bring joy or ease to our lives, rather we are shown through media, television, cinema, religion and family that talking to and dealing with entities will harm us deeply in some profound way.

What we are seldom shown and taught is that entities are actually all around us; in all different forms, shapes and kinds. The only way this is even portrayed is through children’s cartoons that we disregard as being ‘make believe’ as entertainment for unknowing children.

What we are also not told or taught is that in the unwillingness to acknowledge and receive these entities we begin to diminish huge parts and pieces of our own awareness, the willingness to be open and the ability to receive.

Entities are a part of the natural world as is air, animals, trees, elementals and Being.

What would it be like if you were told from the day you were born both out loud and psychically that trees were evil? That if you saw trees, if you received from trees and if you used trees in any way, you were wrong.

So every time you saw a tree you would have to put up massive barriers to that tree to not be aware of it. How much of your life would you spend putting up barriers and walls to all the trees?

This is pretty much akin to what goes on with people and entities. Entities are everywhere and we are taught to resist, ignore and to definitely not receive from them as though receiving from them is going to equal a fate worse than death.

I have been talking to, receiving and seeing entities my entire life. Sometimes more willingly then other times.

I have also found that just like trees, entities come in all sorts of shapes, kinds and qualities. Some trees are big, nurturing and powerful; others are poisonous, thorny or weak. We must take off the glasses of judgment we see through to get the variety of nature in the spirit world. Then we can begin to see the vast variation in the world of spirits and know what spirits we can work with, what spirits need to be cleared away and what spirits are great and kind and what spirits are not.

No matter how much the entities are ignored, they are not going to go away. Each one of us will one day drop our body and then what?

How would you like the world to treat you when you are a spirit again? What if you started treating entities that way today?

As with many other forms of healing and seeing, we have been convinced that in the very seeing and healing we are wrong. We see wrong, know wrong and be wrong. We are taught through societies example that awareness is not safe and that we should never trust it.

So you must begin to look at what is true for you. What do you know that you have been pretending not to know and denying that you know that if you would claim and own it would bring you into a lightning of awareness and the empowerment of your being?

The more of us that choose to see through to what is there, the easier and easier it will be for all to be open, to be aware and to participate with all entities and energies in all the ways that change everyone and create a different world?

All explorers must set forth with courage and perseverance in their hearts and with the willingness to succeed epically or fail epically.

We will look back on the days of entity ignorance and cringe, being grateful then for all those who crossed the line to open the doors of awareness.

What lies on the other side?

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