Your Teammates ⭐️? ?

Do you ever feel like you’re all alone? I’ve got good and bad news for you… you’re NOT!

Whether you’re aware of it or not, each and every one of us have beings who look after us care for us and will play on our team for us if we allow them to do so. What would you be capable of creating if you cooperated, participated and received from these beings? Your team is waiting on the bench to be called into the game of your life. Are you wiling to receive them? What would you like to create in the New Year? Would you be willing to let your team have a stronger presence in your life? Would you be willing to let them assist you in all the amazing ways that they can and care for you so deeply that it changes everything?

This is how you begin to play:

  • Tell them you’re sorry for making it so hard for them to get through to you
  • Ask them to play in your life
  • Tell them they have your permission to override your resistances

An exercise for connecting with your team:

  • Find a time when you can fully relax, when you are most likely to receive.  Sitting down or laying down.
  • Ask everyone who is not on your team to leave the room. Only your team can stay.
  • Relax down all of your barriers to receiving from Spirits. Do your best to push them down. You’re gonna have to really work at this. This may make you start shaking or laughing or crying or make you tickle. No matter what, you have to practice putting those barriers down and keeping them down.

Stay relaxed.

  • Ask your team to touch you. Stay relaxed and notice what shows up. Allow your self to perceive these energies and be embraced by these entities. Don’t worry if you fall asleep. When you wake up the exercise will be over. If you stay awake enjoy the ride!

This is the beginning of reconnecting with your Team. This is what they feel like. This is who they are. You can’t reach them through your mind. You have to relax into receiving. Practice this and your relationships will develop dynamically.

What would you like to create? What can you choose? Will you allow the beings of light into your life?

This is my gift to you. Don’t forget who’s here for you. They’ve never forgotten you.

I also created a 20 minute Teammate Exercise Audio. You can learn more about it HERE.

Shannon O'Hara

The time to receive is now...are you ready? Find out more about the Beings Of Light HERE.

Shannon O’Hara is the creator and Founder of Talk to the Entities®.  Her willingness to be in the question of what else is possible with our awareness of the spirit world is totally different.